Farmer Les Partridge owns a dairy farm in partnership with his brother, Martyn, near Crediton, Devon. He has always had an interest in renewable energy and had considered installing a solar farm as far back as three years ago when Feed in Tariffs were at their zenith. However, in the end it was in January 2012 that a Lightsource mailer dropped through his letterbox and caught his eye. He phoned us and having heard what we were offering, he made the decision to go ahead and rent us part of a 23 acre field for the installation of a small solar farm. The solar plant area is enclosed with stock proof fencing allowing Les and his brother to graze cows on the rest of the land around the plant which remains unused.

He says of the benefits of the Lightsource solar farm, “It’s good to know you’ve got a regular rental income coming in and that it’s for the long term. Farmers need to think about rural diversification these days, and a solar farm like this is one way to do it.” Les had been approached by another developer but was deterred by the uncertainty factor. “Another company offered me money for the land, but the chances were they would sell the land on to another developer and then you don’t know who or what you’re dealing with.”

The fact that Lightsource rents the land and develops and owns the plant it installs on it themselves was therefore an important factor. Les describes his experience of dealing with us, saying, “It was good from the outset, from our initial discussions right through to now. Any issues were discussed and sorted out right from the very beginning and the Lightsource team are very approachable. I like the fact that we have a long term landlord-tenant relationship, rather than someone just buying and selling on. So far it has all been working well, and they even managed to construct the solar farm smoothly and quickly considering the atrocious weather we had at the time.”

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