World-class solar and storage development

Lightsource is a global leader in the development, funding and long-term operation of solar and storage projects. As cost-competitive renewables shift to the forefront of power markets world-wide, our innovative projects and financing solutions are pushing the boundaries of conventional energy thinking.

The North America platform is led by pre-eminent US solar and storage experts, who join the globally-integrated Lightsource platform with 2GW of solar assets under management. With a focus on the complete project lifecycle – from origination and development to asset management and O&M – and experience on both sides of the negotiating table, Lightsource will lead the North American market in customized, cost-effective solar and energy storage solutions for utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and large commercial customers.

Our core DNA is that of a large-scale solar and storage developer, with market-leading project finance and execution capabilities.

2GW operated, of which 1.3GW developed

212 utility-scale projects completed since 2010

65 projects completed and
$1.4 billion invested in 2015 alone

$3.0 billion deployed into solar assets since 2010

Featured Projects

Ermine Street

The Ermine Street development is an ambitious 33MW solar farm installed over 165 acres of low grade agricultural land in Lincolnshire. A development of this size and scale is...


Black Peak & Munceys

With a combined installed capacity of 50MWp, the Black Peak and neighbouring Munceys solar farms, in Cambridgeshire, demonstrate Lightsource’s ambition and technical skills. The sites cover 260 acres and...


Belfast International Airport: Crookedstone Road

Lightsource Renewable Energy, Europe’s leading solar energy company, has developed and connected Northern Ireland’s first ever large-scale solar farm. This pioneering renewable energy project is also the first ground...



This site is located on an area of land situated between Woolfardisworthy and Poughill in Devon. Summerlands solar farm is a 0.7MW system comprised of over 3300 JA Solar...


West Bradley

West Bradley is a 1MW utility scale solar farm situated in Tiverton, Devon. This solar array covers an area of nearly 3.0 hectares and is comprised of around 4200...



Farmer Les Partridge owns a dairy farm in partnership with his brother, Martyn, near Crediton, Devon. He has always had an interest in renewable energy and had considered installing...