Corporate Solar Buyback Success Story

When Accrington-based textile manufacturing firm Lantex installed their 14.4KWp solar PV system in September 2010, they considered it to be a long-term investment in securing lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint for the company. However, with the help of Lightsource’s rooftop buyback system, Lantex has been able to see an early return on their investment, while still benefitting from the free electricity generated by the solar panel array.

When Lantex registered an interest in the scheme, Lightsource sent two of its team of in-house solar experts out to Accrington to meet with Chairman David Hardman, to explain the process and assess the suitability of the site. Following negotiations, Lightsource agreed to purchase Lantex’s roof mounted solar PV system for a lump sum, in return for the Feed-In Tariffs. Lantex retained the right to use the free electricity generated by the panels, enabling them to receive both an early return and a continued benefit from their solar installation. In turn, Lightsource agreed to undertake all further operations and maintenance (O&M) required for the upkeep of the installation. As the UK’s largest provider of solar O&M, Lightsource has the skills and expertise to ensure that Lantex’ solar array performs to the optimum level – carrying out routine and reactive maintenance and monitoring, 365 days a year.

“The personal, professional service provided by Lightsource made the choice to sell easy. The process was so simple and effective that we’ve recommended the Lightsource buyback initiative to other manufacturing companies in our area.” – David Hardman, Chairman of Lantex.

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